Model code : LC-10R/5-5P (Addressable locking & Dimming type)

NEMA 5 pin & 7 pin



● Can provide 5-wire type products:  

LC-10R/5-5P------ 5 wires (2PAD): 3 main wires + 2 dimming/signal wires; 

● Specification of wires: main wire of receptacle: 14 AWG, UL1015; signal wire:18 AWG, UL1015.

● Material: PF; BMC 

● CUL RECOGNIZED COMPONENT. Reference No.: E178670

● Conform to  ANSI C136.41 – 2013 standard;

● Rated Load:


Photo control receptacle


Rated current

15 A, Max

250 mA, Max (ANSI C136.41)

Rated voltage

480 VAC/DC, Max

30VAC/DC, Max

Addressable locking type Dimming Photocontrol Receptacle

The ANSI C136.41 compliant dimming receptacle and contact pads 

which provide an electrical and mechanical interconnection between 

an ANSI C136.41-2013 photo control cell and luminaire. 

It’s suitable for outdoor lighting. 

The ANSI C136.41 compliant dimming receptacle is available 

with two or four dimming contacts to support either 0-30 VDC dimming methods 

or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface.