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LC-125TA Thermal

Circumrotatory 360°; Housing: aluminium alloy.


● UL Listed. Reference No.: E230352

● UL773A Standard

Rated Voltage: 120VAC, 240VAC– 50/60Hz

● Load Rated:

Code Specification
125TAH1 120V/2000W/2000VA
125TAH2 240V/2000W/2000VA

Turn-On Light Level: 10-16 Lux, adjustable at customer’s request

Turn-Off Light Level: <65 Lux, adjustable at customer’s request

Action time: 30-180 sec

Operating Temperature: -40℃ to +70℃

Energy Consumption: Less than 1Watt (120V<0.7W)

Electrical Life: >5000 cycles

Sensor Type: CDS

Housing: aluminium alloys;

Failure Mode: Fail On

Lead: UL AUTHENTICATED, 10AWG (105 /600V) x 16cm; 14AWG (105 /600V) x 16cm


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