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The twist-lock type photocontrols are manufactured as per UL773 and ANSI C136.10 standards. They are mainly used in automatically controlling the outdoor lighting fixtures with mating receptalces. According to different internal control modes, the photocontrol products can be divided into three types which are thermal type, electromagnetic type and electronic type. The electromagnetic type and electronic type can be used in multi-voltage occasions but the thermal type is not suitable for multi-voltage use. And according to the operating characteristics, the electromagnetic type acts instantly and the electronic type and thermal time act with time delay.

If the photocontrol is temporarily not to be used, the shorting cap can be used instead and the lighting fixtures can be controlled by ordinary switch and if the lighting fixture is temporarily not to be used, the open cap can be used instead of the photocontrol.

※ LC-10D has obtained the UL certification as per the double standards of ANSI C136.10 and UL773. It is especially suitable for LED lighting fixtures.

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